Anardana’s Modern Kitchen: Where Fusion happens.


Anardana Modern Kitchen & Bar was established on the ideologies of its great Chef’s who believed that Modern food is desirous but even more when it has an extra Indian spice to it. 

And yes, it is sooo right! We didn’t know how true it was until we listed their crazy fusion food and tried them all; they were mind boggling and yet so satisfying to the soul. 

Every dish at Anardana feels so unique, because of the unique choice of ingredients the careful manipulation of spices that mingles in a heavenly manner to create a piece of art on the plate which you can’t resist, but eat in one go and still ask for more.. 

Let’s see what they have to offer which you won’t find anywhere else! 

  1. Makhani Paneer Pasta

Unique fusion of makhani gravy and penne pasta served with garlic bread and garnished with herbs and paneer chunks. 

  1. Degi Mirch Pasta 

Chef’s special Penne pasta cooked in a unique preparation of Deggi Mirch and Arrabbiata sauce. Served with garlic bread and garnished with italian herbs. 

  1. Butter chicken Penne 

Penne pasta tossed in makhani gravy served with chicken pieces. Served with garlic bread and garnished with italian herbs. 

  1. Mutton keema bolognese

Indian spices minced meat tossed with spaghetti. Served with garlic bread and garnished with italian herbs. 

  1. Samosa Pizza

A very unique fusion of Italian pizza and Indian samosa. Topped with melting cheese and garnished with italian herbs. 

  1. Papdi Bruschetta 

Desi papdi rubbed with garlic and topped with cheese and chicken or mixed vegetables. 

  1. Shadi sushi rolls 

Our touch to japanese rice is filled and rolled with cottage cheese, tandoori chicken or cheese in nori sheets. 

  1. Lebenese mezze platter 

Platter of Hummus, Falafel, Pita Bread, Olives, Baba Ganoush, Tzatziki and Pickles

  1. Firangi ricotta dahi Kebab

Pan-seared yoghurt Ricotta medallions, roasted tomato salsa, zucchini Carpaccio”

  1.  Mushroom cheese spring rolls 

Crispy cheese mushroom rolls with hot garlic dip

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