Key To A Healthier Monsoon Diet !

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Indian Monsoon season is said to be the most pleasant time of the year.  The cool breeze and grey sky, hot oily pakoras with “adrak wali chai”!! Isn’t it the season all about?  With the seasonal merriment, this season is highly humid and makes us more prone to seasonal infections. Thus, it is very important … Read More

5 Special Dishes You can’t Resist

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Adding grace to the tables of Anardana: Kitchen & Bar, dishes with a blend of aromatic spices and gravies, are palatable enough to control your heart!! Anardana is praised for its unique and handpicked choice of ingredients, among which anardana (pomegranate seed) has been the most prominent one, which makes every dish special!  We list … Read More

Tips for a dine out during COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Pandemic demanded safety to survive, so all the restaurants are advised to follow some guidelines to provide a safe foodie experience to their food lovers. It is overwhelming to see the restaurants preparing themselves with such a zeal, to ensure customer safety by maintaining social distance, personal hygiene among the staff of the restaurants, … Read More