5 Dishes you must try in a vegetarian restaurant

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India has always been majorly prominent for its array of exotic cuisines and fine dining. It is full of wonderful family restaurants serving a wide variety of popular vegetarian dishes. Deciding on a meal at a restaurant can sometimes be really daunting. But, why do you even have to think about that if you have the best option with you? Yes, it’s none other than the most exquisite and exemplary restaurant, Anardana! We are known to proffer highly delectable and top veg dishes worth trying.

Anardana restaurant is a famous Indian restaurant with branches in various cities like Delhi and Chandigarh. The cuisines served in our restaurant are a complete blend of various cultures. The experience of joy after tasting our delectable top veg dishes worth trying at Anardana is incomparable. The menu card has a wide variety of dishes, so making a choice can be difficult.

Plan a dinner date or weekend outing at Anardana restaurant. Taste some of the best vegetarian dishes that are palatable and nutritious. Continue reading the article to learn about the 5 most popular vegetarian dishes served at Anardana.

5 Popular vegetarian dishes you can try at Anardana

If you are too choosy regarding vegetarian dishes, then Anardana has some great options. Let your taste buds feel the magic of these popular vegetarian dishes offered exclusively at our restaurant:

  1. Khumb Hara Pyaaz 

You can call Khumb Hara Pyaaz one of the specialities at Anardana. There is an abundance of flavours added to this vegetarian dish.  It is a delicious Punjabi food often distinguished by an abundance of dairy products to give it the right texture.

 Whether you have it with rice or bread, the feel of royalty will be the same. The perfect blend of herbs and spices is evident in the pleasant aroma that emanates from the dish. Kindle joy in your palate with the dish’s right taste and exceptional presentation. 

We promise you will not regret a bite.  Have the flavourful Khumb Hara Pyaaz, and make the most of your visit to Anardana. You will come for more.

  1. Vegetarian seekh kebab 

Vegetarian seekh kebab is also among our family restaurant’s top veg dishes worth trying. If you have a thing for kebabs, then you will be amazed by the taste of our vegetarian seekh kebab. Our expert chefs artfully prepare the kebabs with ingredients like assorted minced vegetables, cheese, and cashew granules. 

It can be the all-time favourite afternoon snack or a party starter. Your visit to Anardana is incomplete without trying this mouthwatering vegetarian dish.

The taste is unmatchable, and you won’t find the same at any other Indian restaurant. So, pay a visit soon and try other popular vegetarian dishes on Anardana’s menu.

  1. Anardana Shahi Paneer

One of the most delicious and top veg dishes worth trying is Anardana Shahi Paneer. The taste and aroma are just marvellous. The creamy gravy having a perfect blend of spices is everything to cheer about. Have this with either butter naan, rice, roti, or parantha.

The chefs at Anardana restaurant use Indian cottage cheese, mild spices, onion-nut paste, and yoghurt. Order Anardana Shahi Paneer and impress your family or colleagues with a memorable dinner. 

  1. Dal Dugani Makhni

Get a taste with every bite while having our special Dal Dugani Makhni, one of the popular vegetarian dishes to try at Anardana. For those who want something simple, less spicy, and flavorful, our Dal Dugani Makhni is among the top veg dishes worth trying. Be it a lunch with your boss or a family dinner, this is a go-to recipe.

Butter and cream, whole spices, lentils, chopped onions, and chopped tomatoes are the main ingredients used. 

You can have it with rice or roti. Feel the creaminess of the lentils only at Anardana. You will fall for this if Punjabi cuisine gets you going. 

  1. Angoori Malai Makhana Kofta

This is an incredible culinary treasure on our menu. Grated boiled potatoes, cottage cheese, cornflour, and many other ingredients are used to prepare this savoury dish. 

Our Angoori Malai Makhana Kofta also belongs to the class of best vegetarian dishes that you cannot find elsewhere. It combines exotic spices, herbs, and vegetables uniquely. This dish on Anardana’s menu is different from the kofta curries you’ve tasted.

It can be a great replacement for chicken or mutton curries if you have come with someone who is a vegetarian. The taste is unforgettable, and you are sure to come back again just for the Angoori Malai Makhana Kofta.

Last Words

A blissful fine-dining experience, a pleasant ambience, welcoming staff, and tasty cuisine are what you get at Anardana. We have the most talented chefs who use novel techniques to prepare the top veg dishes worth trying. Besides the popular vegetarian dishes from India, our menu also has many continental dishes. So, pay a visit to try out any of these 5 most popular vegetarian dishes. Reserve your table in advance to avoid missing a chance to savour the lip-smacking vegetarian cuisine at our Indian restaurant.

CTA – Want to enjoy an extravagant meal with your friends and family in the perfect ambience? Visit Anardana today or call us right away to book a reservation for you and your close ones.

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