5 Drinks you must try today/ Must-try drinks at Anardana restaurant

anardana special drink

A highly-rated, sophisticated place to eat, Anardana serves one of the most delectable cuisines from all across the globe. Our menu includes many exclusive beverages that make the guests’ visit worthwhile. We serve the best classic cocktails to entice the taste buds of the drinkers. Our other special drinks are the must-try beverages passionately prepared by chefs, only using basic ingredients. The appetising beverages will add more delight to your brunch or dinner date. Check out our personalised list and pick as per your preference.

Take a look at the special drinks of the restaurant in this write-up. We have a huge list of top drinks worth trying, but here we will discuss a few selected ones.

Drinks you should try from the menu of Anardana

  • Rosemary Watermelonade

What is one fruit that comes to mind in summer? Of course, watermelon! If you are a fan of drinking watermelon juice, then you can’t miss out on trying the cool Rosemary Watermelonade from Anardana’s menu. It marks one of the must-try beverages on the menu of Anardana restaurant.

The ingredients we have used for preparing this drink are fresh watermelons, ginger ale, rosemary syrup and lime juice. Our drinks are experimental and give our customers something different from the usual. Order one for yourself, and you won’t regret having it.

  • Anardana Special

Our Anardana Special, as the name suggests, is also one of the various must-try beverages. This unique drink contains special ingredients, including pomegranate, homemade soda, basil and lemon juice. You will surely fall in love once you taste this one-of-a-kind pomegranate basil mojito. It can be a great option if you’d like to try something sweet and rejuvenating for the summer.

The flavoursome cocktail is equally great with or without rum. You can order its virgin twist for your non-alcoholic friends.

Muddling is the secret behind its amazing taste, a procedure of softly crushing the herb leaves to get more of their flavour. We use the same process to justify the “special” in the name of the drink.

  • Peach Berry Fizz

Are you and your friends planning a get-together at Anardana to try out their must-try beverages? Our Peach Berry Fizz can become your favourite summer drink once you take a sip. If you plan an outdoor gathering with your pals, don’t forget to order this delicious cocktail. The sparkling Peach Berry Fizz is combined with flavours of cranberry juice, watermelon, peach syrup, lemon juice and homemade soda.

Go through our menu, and order this amazing cocktail for your date. You’ll be amazed by its whiff, let alone the taste. Make your weekend date fruitful with a visit to our restaurant.

The stunning orange colour of the drink will just take your heart away. Have a blissful time with your friends or partner at Anardana.

  • Pineapple Fresca

Don’t overlook Pineapple Fresca when ordering any of the top drinks worth trying at Anardana.

Pineapple Fresca is a refreshing drink for hot summer days. This fruity drink comprises an array of ingredients like passion fruit syrup, pineapple juice, lemon juice, kaffir lime and homemade soda.

This drink is widely popular in Mexico and is especially needed when folks want something highly flavoured and hydrating.

The Pineapple Fresca drink at Anardana is perfect for serving a large gathering. It is a great refreshment for your loved ones in the summer. Do not think twice before placing an order for this non-alcoholic beverage.  

  • Cherry Blossom

For preparing one of the must-try beverages at Anardana, a variety of unique ingredients come into play. The Cherry Blossom is no different. Your tastebuds can feel the flavours of cherry, lemon, cherry syrup, raspberry syrup, and rose syrup. Our restaurant selects a crisp cherry liquor to get the sharp taste of cherry flavour. It gives a vibrant, fresh cherry flavour and a lovely deep red colour.

If you are a lover of cherries, it would be a loss if you didn’t order this. The name is enough to get you to try it. Cherry Blossom is among our restaurant’s must-try beverages due to its incredible popularity and flavour. It is a fantastic mix of different ingredients and is widely ordered by our guests.


All the top drinks worth trying at Anardana served to the guests are specially curated. We use organic fruits, syrups, spirits and wines to prepare a specific drink. In addition, our staff utilises premium-quality glassware and maintains proper hygiene while serving. The garnishing is done with acute precision. We give a lot of thought to making our drinks unique and unforgettable. Anardana is just the ideal destination for your next date or gathering. Get the desired palate and a sophisticated drink from our must-try beverages

You won’t have any regrets once you step into our restaurant. We would love to serve you. Share your dining experience with us.

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