How many of you will agree with me, that if you are a foodie, you have tried your skills in the kitchen in this lockdown!! Almost all of us. But did you succeed in replicating the exact taste and the presentation of desirous food items that could fill our hearts just like the food from our favourite restaurants did?? The COVID-19 Pandemic and the lockdown led by it, has left many of the regular food junkies longing for those regular pizza bites, spicy gravies with buttery naans and what not! But worry not, where there is a yummy food desire, there’s a takeaway!! 

COVID-19 Pandemic demanded safety to survive, so you got the option of a safe takeaway! With your favourite food available at takeaways, it is overwhelming to see the restaurants preparing themselves with such a zeal, to ensure customer safety by maintaining social distance, personal hygiene among the staff of the restaurants, only super clean fresh vegetables are being used for cooking, sanitizing the kitchen area and all the other surfaces.

We feel proud to claim that Anardana: Modern Kitchen & Bar is one of those safe Takeaway Restaurants, in Delhi. It’s a must to checkout their authentic Takeaway Menu

Let me just give you an insight about why and how is takeaway safe, during COVID-19? Some of the obvious reasons to choose takeaways are as follows:

Delightful food with safety of your home.

Dining in a restaurant with your family can increase the chances of getting in contact with someone infected around you. So a safe option is to choose your desired dish from the menu, order for a takeaway and enjoy the delicious food with the safety of your home environment without keeping your safety at stake.

COVID-19 does not spread from food or food packaging. 

In an article by Food Standards, It was mentioned that there is no evidence that food or food packagings can be responsible for transmission of COVID-19. The food served while dining is served in metal or ceramic crockeries, that are the common breeding surfaces for the virus. This suggests that the paper or plastic food packaging is far more safer, that you receive for takeaway!

You don’t need to spend an hour to enjoy your food! 

Takeaways are a great option when you are in a hurry and can’t spend an hour or two, to finish your food and then rush to another work. You are free to enjoy and feel the same, whenever you are comfortable and ready to eat that piece of heaven you have saved for yourself to soothe your busy mind!! 

Life is too short to not count on our tummy filling desires, so never stop yourself from buying that extra cookie, asking for some extra butter, pizzas with extra cheese and extra green chutney and onion with your chicken tikkas!! But get that extra desire for a takeaway and be extra safe in your own cozy environment!! 

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