How are corporate lunches important for team building?

Corporate Party

Corporate lunches bring employees and employers together. You can simply say that it is an arrangement where the employer hosts lunch for all the employees. The term corporate lunch denotes universal usage; however, it can occur at any time of the day, for lunch, breakfast or dinner. It’s up to your employer where the event takes place; it can either be organised at the company cafeteria, order take-outs or spend an exciting evening at the pub nearby. 

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The benefits of team lunch

The trend for corporate lunches witnessed a sudden surge in the last few years, as employers finally understood ‘team lunch importance and its positive effects on overall company productivity. 

Read along to find more about the benefits of team lunch –

  • It acts as a morale boost

Corporate lunches offer everyone an opportunity to bond and engage in discussions outside work. For instance, it might just come as a surprise that you and your colleague share the same taste in web series or are fans of the same superhero. 

Team lunches from time to time are a great way to uplift your employees’ morale and make a really big difference. Did you know that around 67% of employees commented that working was more fun and enjoyable when they had friends at work or even when their boss was more like a friend to them? 

Since work pressure and deadlines often rob you of the opportunity to bond with your peers in the organisation, such events are a great way to do that. Moreover, when you have finger-licking foods, it uplifts the mood.

  • Builds a better company culture (Provides opportunities for socialisation and interaction)

Your employees are the real asset of your company. Organising a beautiful team lunch and doing it at frequent intervals will nurture positive vibes among all your employees. Moreover, if your brand has an online presence, take some memorable pictures of this event and post them on social media. 

Facebook and Instagram can levy an overall positive impact. You can showcase the office culture, how you guys act behind the scenes and a lot more. All of it adds up to building a positive and better company culture.

Also, did you know that in recent research, it was found that 45% of employees loved the concept of corporate lunches and said that it influenced them to accept the job offer? Some even commented, “Who wouldn’t like to work in a company where the employer really appreciates team bonding activities?”

  • Improved productivity

Team building and productivity go hand in hand and can make a really big difference. A lunch break with the team who just joined work or congratulating the winning team who just cracked a new deal is simple hacks for uplifting your employees’ spirits. 

It is also quite the motivation that further influences employees to put in their best efforts. Moreover, it’s not a very uncommon fact that eating lunch is important, and an encouragement to have lunch together allows your employees to break the mundane pattern whilst breaking a leg. 

Research, where 150 employees were put under the microscope, showed team lunch importance and how these employees exercised better focus and more creativity and built meaningful connections inside the workplace. 

  • Better Collaboration

Better collaboration is possible only with the existence of a dynamic group. And you cannot describe your team as dynamic unless you get to them properly; thus, make the most of these corporate lunches and break the monotonous work pattern from time to time. 

Parting thoughts

Team lunches are a great idea, which also plays a major role in team building and a lot more. These lunches also enable different departments to get to know one another, build meaningful bonds and result in strengthening collaboration within the entire workforce. 

In a nutshell, we can say that enjoying a cup of coffee or sharing a pizza with your colleagues can go a long way professionally. Make a reservation with Anardana today to enjoy some of the most mouth-watering dishes with your co-workers. Moreover, Anardana boasts profoundly of their diverse dishes and food quality, as their kitchen encompasses only the best cooks in town who deeply understand and love every dish they serve. Additionally, the ambience of this restaurant will add to the experience further. 

CTA – Corporate lunches are an excellent way to bring a team together and work towards the same goal. However, if the setting and food is not right, this plan may end up being a bland one. This is where Anardana comes to your rescue. We provide the right food and ambience to make your team lunch work. Make a reservation with Anardana today to enjoy some of the most mouth-watering dishes with your co-workers.

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