How contactless food delivery in Delhi and Gurgaon are changing the delivery scenes?

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, terms like “social distancing” and “contactless” started playing major roles in our lives. With awareness building up among most individuals, contactless food delivery became the new norm, which still exercises major acceptance even to this date. 

Contactless food delivery is beneficial and safe for both parties involved. In simple terms, it is an act of getting the food delivered to its final destination with no or limited contact between the one delivering it and the receiver on the other end. 

Through a clear understanding of the rising tides of the near future, along with the dependency on food-delivery applications, a 100% contactless mode of food delivery is achievable. 

At Anardana, our customer’s safety is the topmost priority. Additionally, with the skyrocketing customer demand for contactless food delivery, we have curated our services similarly. 

The reason behind starting a contactless food delivery

As consumers stopped stepping out and started ordering from time to time, the mode of contactless food delivery surged. 

While most of the sectors suffered some unforeseen losses, restaurants, dine-ins and fast-food chains transformed their businesses into takeout to stay in business and continue generating income while the world fought the deadly virus. 

Another major reason behind the adoption of contactless food delivery was to comply successfully with the latest health and safety regulations.

Benefits of contactless food delivery to restaurants in Delhi and Gurgaon

Some of the main contactless food delivery benefits for restaurants in Delhi and Gurgaon are as follows:

  • Enhanced brand loyalty

A broad aspect of contactless food delivery depends on going digital, further enhancing your brand loyalty.

In simple terms, by going digital, your company’s online visibility improves, which further leads you to attract more customers, and through your contactless delivery, you get to offer a better and more satisfying customer experience. All these contribute to improved brand loyalty as a whole.  

  • Cost reduction

One of the significant costs involved in running your business is bearing the costs of your restaurant staff. If you operate on a strict budget, this cost can pull your business down extensively. 

The only advantageous solution here is to use contactless food delivery technology to the rescue. With no major dependency on your staff force, your customers can now place orders directly through an app or QR code. 

  • Hiked profit earnings

Although contactless food delivery was the major trend during the pandemic, it still holds top priority today. Major food delivery applications like Swiggy and Zomato continue to promote their contactless food delivery option to meet the expectations of restaurants from Delhi and Gurgaon. 

Furthermore, no-contact delivery options can hype up your customer base and boost your profit earnings in no time.  

  • Safer payment processing

All payments are made online, through the web or via any app in contactless food delivery. This transaction mode is much easier, safer, and faster, offers better transparency, and reduces any calculation errors. 

  • A lot safer

No-contact food deliveries are safer than other forms of delivery. Here, both the customer and the employee are at minimum risk of spreading any virus or disease. 

This further guarantees that your employees will ask for fewer sick days, which is an additional business benefit. 

Benefits for contactless food delivery to customers of Delhi and Gurgaon

Some noteworthy contactless food delivery benefits for customers in Delhi and Gurgaon are discussed below:

  • More convenient

Customers simply love it when their expectations and the service quality are at par with one another. 

Along with the province of contactless food delivery, a few other benefits that tag along include options like choosing delivery time slots and complete transparency that enables customers to be on track of movements and updates. 

  • Safe

Since the pandemic, safety has become one of our topmost priorities these days. However, no-contact food deliveries guarantee immense safety on both ends. Some of the major safety concerns include adherence to strict sanitization, complete vaccination, and hygienic respiratory measures. 

  • More discounts and offers

Contactless food delivery options from Anardana come with numerous discounts, voucher codes and offers every time you place an order. Therefore, enjoy mouth-watering delicacies in Delhi and Gurgaon without spending much. 

How is contactless food delivery coming as a game changer in Delhi and Gurgaon?

Contactless food delivery has become an absolute game changer in Delhi and Gurgaon in the past two years, owing to its notable benefits for both employees and customers. 

Customers enjoy easy and fast modes of placing orders, faster deliveries, consistent tracking, and smooth payments, along with the pocket-friendly advantage of multiple discounts and offers. On the other hand, restaurants enjoy benefits like hassle-free deliveries, receiving pre-payments, reduced risk of order cancellations, and restricted spread of any kind of virus and disease. 

With Anardana implementing such facilities in their service, we aim to offer a more pleasant experience to our customers. The aim here is to help you find your comfort food, ‘minus’ the worry of contracting any virus.

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