Popular dishes in a restaurant menu

tandoori butter chicken

In India, food is an integral part of the culture, and certain places are defined by their unique food, like the vada pav of Mumbai or the chole bhature of Delhi. So, in a country that loves its food, eating out is not just a dinner/lunch plan; it is an occasion.

And to meet the hype of that occasion, you need food that will serve it right. Here, the food has to be splendid, and at the same time, it should give an experience that you will remember for a long time. But there is a catch to it. There are not many restaurants that match up to the standards, and many restaurants don’t have unique menu items and have limited food inventory. 

So how do you get access to the best food and gastronomic atmosphere? Well, visit us at Anardana. Our well-thought-out menu will surely appeal to your love of food, and the restaurant ambience will bring new followers to your Instagram.

However, the question is, which dish to try at Anardana? Well, to address your concern, we have prepared this guide to help you find the food that you will relish.

Most popular dishes to pick from the restaurant menu

At Anardana, we aim to give you the gourmet experience of a lifetime. The dishes are lip-smacking, and the experience is so pure and divine. We bet whenever you will think about bahar ka khana, your mind will only zero in on Anardana. Here are some of the best dishes to try:

  • Lamb Kachori

You must have tried the regular Rajasthani Kachori. It gives a pristine taste of potatoes, onions and lentils. The cover of the Kachori adds a lot of crunchiness to the palate. But what if we could take it a level up? At Anardana, our Kachoris have lamb mutton and Rassa stuffing. Then the Bhut Jolokia peppers are added, slowly taking the heat to the stratosphere. The Kachoris are served with Argentinian Chimichurri and roasted Brussels. It is the right fusion of Desi and International taste, which in plain words, could be called yum.

  • Angoori Malai Makhna Kofta

This dish is another blockbuster item on the menu, and it is also among the most-ordered dishes at Anardana. These Koftas or dumplings are made out of Paneer and Makhanas, and then they are served in tangy, rich and smooth gravy. Our chefs have concocted the best gravy by slaving in the chickens finding the right spice mix that delivers the right flavours. You can try it out with various assorted bread/flatbreads from the Anardana. But we highly recommend ordering the Bharwan Kulcha, the Kandhari Naan, or the Multigrain Paratha from the Anardana Tandoor.

  • Anardana Chicken Tikka

Another chart-topper at Anardana is something which has the right taste and the precise cooking of the meat. The chicken tikka is a melt-in-the-mouth fare. Many loyalists, especially at our Gurgaon property, are a fan of Chicken Tikka and have given it rave reviews. It has yoghurt, Kashmiri chillies and an in-house spice blend which our chefs have curated after painstaking hit and trial efforts. Most of the love we get from our fans is because of this dish only. It is one of the best dishes to try at Anardana.

  • Anardana Special Butter Chicken

Ah, when talking about meat, how can we miss out on the epic butter chicken of Anardana? It is a dish which has captured the imagination of people internationally. So much so it represents Indian cuisine abroad. At Anardana, we have transformed it into an in-house speciality. The chicken is cooked in a rich tomato gravy with cream, butter, cashew paste and fenugreek powder. This butter chicken gravy is so smooth it will mesmerise and captivate your senses, putting you in a trance. It should be tried with Cheese or Butter Naan.

  • Ricotta Dahi Ke Kabab

An Awadhi cuisine speciality that once even ruled the Mughal kitchens. The recipe has been passed down through generations, and every top-notch Indian restaurant has adapted it as per their preferences. At Anardana, we use fresh and high-quality Ricotta cheese and mix it thoroughly with Yogurt, Panko and coriander and prepare this juicy vegetarian kebab for those guests who abstain from meat. It is a must-try.

But this is not the complete list of popular dishes in the restaurant. There are other delectable dishes like Truffle Mushroom Risotto, Edamame Seekh, Black Garlic Chicken Tikka and many more wonders that will drown you in their taste and aroma. Now, you need a notable dessert item to compliment these savoury items, isn’t it? In that case, you need to try the Anardana special Ghewar Cheesecake. This amalgamation of the classic cheesecake and the Ghewar will surely leave your taste buds with a brand-new experience.


How did you like this mini-journey through our mouth-watering menu? Not only is our full-course platter a hit with the crowd, but our desserts are also in high demand. The culinary experience is also quite chic and futuristic with a 90s Bollywood theme. So, would you like a wonderful dining experience with your loved ones in a beautiful setting? Make sure you visit Anardana today or contact us to book a reservation. If you are not feeling like leaving home, then order with us and opt for our contactless delivery, and enjoy the best foods from the comfort of your home.

CTA: For Indians food is more than what its literal meaning is. And at Anardana we have tried to capture that emotion and reflect it in our foods. So, if you are thinking of ‘bahar ka khana’, then visit Anardana today or contact us to book a reservation.

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