Table etiquette rules – 6 Dining rules everyone should know | Why one must follow table manners at a restaurant


There has been a significant enhancement in table etiquette over time. People have become more aware of adopting appropriate mannerisms. It is so because well manners portray the overall personality too. But most of us still need to learn about basic table manners. Why are table etiquettes so important?

Planning a dinner or brunch at a sophisticated restaurant like Anardana? You will be expected to be well-versed in displaying proper etiquette at the table. The idea is to avoid annoying other people at a restaurant with your bad manners.

Even though dining out has become more informal, it is still improper to shake the table with your elbows, talk while eating, chew loudly or hinder other diners’ comfort by acting rudely. Basic table etiquettes are important whether you are at a chill cafe or a place with a more formal environment.

What is fine dining etiquette?

As soon as you enter a restaurant, place a napkin on your lap after settling at your seat or wait for servers to do it. Do not freak out when you see different kinds of cutlery! As the courses are served throughout the day, always begin with the outermost tableware first and then go inwards. 

Be sure to reach to your left for the loaf and to your right for your drink glasses, as freshly baked bread is served on your plate and drinks are offered. Refrain from munching on or sipping from your friend’s bread or wine. It’s likely unsuitable at a fine-dining restaurant.

Etiquette Rules of Fine Dining

Here are the table etiquettes you should follow at Anardana, one of the best restaurants in Gurgaon.

  • How to make a reservation for fine dining?

Reserving your place at any restaurant is important. It will keep away the hassle of standing and waiting in a queue. Ultimately, it’ll help you in saving your precious time. Before making a reservation, you must decide on the restaurant you want to visit. There can be restaurants that do not follow the pre-booking system. 

If you are making a reservation on call, you should be polite while speaking and remember to ask valid questions. Arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early at the restaurant if you have a reservation to ensure that your table is not given to anyone else.

You can ask the restaurant about the attire on call before making a reservation. You should dress according to the restaurant you are visiting. If you have planned a lunch date at a fancy restaurant, go for something formal and avoid jeans or sports shoes. 

  • Basic fine dining table manners

Try not to keep anything like your phone, car keys or other belongings on the dining table. It is a common mistake you must avoid when dining out. 

Avoid texting on your phone. It makes the people accompanying you feel unimportant. Wait for the dinner to get over and say, “excuse me”, before you leave the table to use your phone. It is among the most basic table etiquettes one must follow at any high-class restaurant.

One of the easiest yet hardest rules is sitting with your back straight. You must not touch the chair’s back while sitting.

Also, it is a foremost rule to avoid making loud chewing noises while eating. It becomes awkward for the people with and around you.

Another one of the basic table etiquettes to follow is to avoid using the napkin to wipe your nose. Moreover, do not tuck the napkin in your shirt while having the food.

  • How to use your silverware

If you have ordered soup, you must use a bowl-shaped or larger oval spoon. Try not to lift the bowl; instead, tilt it. Bread is finger food, so there is no need to use a fork. Tear off bite-sized pieces and butter them using a butter knife rather than slicing them. Using your hands for certain food items is acceptable in a casual setting.

Always remember that tableware is your tool when dining in a formal setting. Every utensil has a unique role. As long as you understand it, there should not be any problems. If you cannot figure it out, you can observe others around the table and see how to use it.

For having the dessert meal, there are separate folks and spoons placed above the plate. You might also have them served with your dessert itself. Let the remaining pieces where they are as soon as you finish your meal.

  • Glassware

Glassware available at Anardana includes wine glasses, side glasses for water, and beverage glasses for juice or soda drinks. Using the ideal glassware depends on the drink you order. Careful handling is also important to avoid breakage. Try not to make sipping noise while having a smoothie or wine.

Many of us wonder why glassware is important in a restaurant. Specific cocktails are supposed to be served in a particular type of glassware. It is for maintaining its ideal temperature and enhancing the flavour. 

Any glassware is set in the top right corner of your table. It is set according to use. All the glassware at Anardana restaurant is specifically intended to maintain the quality of the drink served. For instance, vodkas are served in a martini glass, coupe glass or shot glass. For drinking whiskey, old-fashioned glasses or sour glasses are the best choices. Avoiding spilling your drink is the least of the simplest table etiquettes you can follow.

  • How to order and pass food

Address the waiters and other staff members with words like “please” and “thank you” while placing your order. Maintain eye contact and stay confident when asking questions about food and beverages. Be polite and patient while placing your order. Remember that it’s not the waiter’s fault if you don’t like the food.

You must pass the appropriate dish when asked as the meal is brought to your table. Ensure that you are not serving your friend from your plate. Use a bowl instead and serve gently. It is one of the must-know table manners you should follow at Anardana restaurant.

Make sure that you pass the dishes from left to right. If you need something, wait for your turn. You must keep patience. If you wish to taste a little from your friend’s dish, put a tiny amount on a bread plate and pass the dish back to them. 

  • How to eat at a fine dining restaurant

Chewing with a closed mouth tops the list of basic table etiquettes. Apart from this, you must hold the cutlery properly while passing or serving it around. 

Try not to start right after the food has arrived at your table. Please wait a few minutes and have it once every dish is served. Take small nibbles from the meal and refrain from smacking or slurping. 

If you do not want to face embarrassment while eating, let the host know beforehand if you have any special dietary limitations. If you are allergic to something, ignore it and have other snacks on the table. 

Wait before your start. See whether the ones sitting with you are served and wait for them to start. Try to stay aligned with the eating speed of the others at the table.

Don’t forget to use the napkins before you start eating. Let your friend finish before you get up to use the restroom.


Are you going to a fine-dining restaurant like Anardana with your boss? If so, wait until your host places the serviette on their lap. Make sure to maintain basic dining etiquette. Anardana places high value on serving Indian food with a modern touch. The food here feels like home, which is why people keep coming back for more.

Whether it be a family dinner, kids’ birthday party, friends getting together or a date, the ambience of Anardana is appropriate for every mood and occasion. Call Anardana to reserve a table right away!

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