COVID-19 Pandemic demanded safety to survive, so all the restaurants are advised to follow some guidelines to provide a safe foodie experience to their food lovers. It is overwhelming to see the restaurants preparing themselves with such a zeal, to ensure customer safety by maintaining social distance, personal hygiene among the staff of the restaurants, only super clean fresh vegetables are being used for cooking, sanitizing the kitchen area and all the other surfaces. 

The restaurants are doing everything from their side to keep you safe, but it is our responsibility as well to maintain that safety. So here are some tips for you to follow before planning a meal at a dining restaurant.  Before entering, ask yourself these questions from yourself and do a research about the restaurant.

  • Is it really important to go out for food?
  • Is there a better alternative other than dining out?
  • check the restaurant’s safety practices.
  •  Are the employees wearing cloth face coverings, regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces and practicing social distancing? 
  • Is there good ventilation? 
  • Are tables set far enough apart from each other to allow for social distancing?
  •  Is the menu digital or disposable?

 As guided, the restaurant is not supposed to offer salad bars, buffets and drink-filling stations that require people to use common utensils or dispensers. Avoid consuming food in utensils that have been used by many people.

 Even if they are washed it is still risky to do that. If you need to wait in line for service, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet (2 meters) from others. Avoid any kind of crowd. If you feel there are a lot of people at the restaurant at a time, then do not go there. 

If possible, use touchless payment. The gift of technology is the availability of money or bank on your phone screen. So try to pay through net banking at restaurants to avoid any contact.

Takeaways are a great option when you are in a hurry and can’t spend an hour or two, to finish your food and then rush to another work. You are free to enjoy and feel the same, whenever you are comfortable and ready to eat that piece of heaven you have saved for yourself to soothe your busy mind!! 

We feel proud to claim that Anardana: Modern Kitchen & Bar is one of those safe Takeaway and Dine in Restaurants, in Delhi. It’s a must to checkout their authentic Takeaway Menu

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