5 Must-Try Cocktails When You Turn 21


5 Must-Try Cocktails When You Turn 21

It can be argued that some things in life are as indulgent as a great cocktail. Thousands of cocktails are being served across the city as establishments offer a range of concoctions, from classic to innovative, in an attempt to woo enthusiasts. Currently, we are experiencing a cocktail renaissance with bartenders across the world developing new and interesting cocktails. Before your next visit to your favourite cocktail place, you might want to check out the list we have curated of the most innovative cocktails in Delhi.

Texture Of Earth

If you are a lover of coconut cream, then the Texture of Earth will be right up your valley. Anardana takes on the mighty task of mixing all the strong flavour profiles-Beetroot reduction, egg white hat go along seamlessly with the Bacardi base. It is a perfect vacay feels cocktail, you can’t miss this! 

Blossom Stout

Anardana serves another cocktail named ‘Blossom Stout’. It is their attempt of balancing multiple flavours while giving the beverage refreshment value. The interesting mix of Gin, Coffee extract, Kewara water, In-house coffee liqueur and Vanilla dust is sure to pique your interest. It is the perfect cocktail to delight your senses. 

Cold Frame

‘Cold Frame’ served by Anardana again is absolutely sinful. With the base of Vodka, Rosemary concoction, Lime juice, fresh Watermelon juice topped with Almond Syrup. It is the perfect cocktail for a sunny day.  

Tox Detox

One of the gin-based beauty on the list is the ‘Tox Detox’ again served by Anardana, which cannot be missed especially if you are a gin enthusiast. With fresh Cucumber, Star anise extract, Rosewater, Orange liqueur topped with Simple syrup, the cocktail leaves a heady fresh and fruity after taste. If you have wondered how well gin and rose water would mix, find out with this electric mix of a drink. 

Liquid Paan Version-II

No cocktail round-up can be complete without another vodka-based drink. With paan leaves infused vodka, apple juice, lime juice topped with rosewater foam. ‘Liquid Paan Version-2’ is the perfect cocktail to complement your delicious north-Indian food.  

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