5 Special Dishes You can’t Resist

Adding grace to the tables of Anardana: Kitchen & Bar, dishes with a blend of aromatic spices and gravies, are palatable enough to control your heart!! Anardana is praised for its unique and handpicked choice of ingredients, among which anardana (pomegranate seed) has been the most prominent one, which makes every dish special!


We list down 5 uniquely prepared  Indian dishes from the exquisite menu of Anardana, that are irresistible for any foodie.


 Crispy Paneer Papdi– crunchy cottage cheese bites.



A crispy bite between your teeth and milky soft cottage cheese beneath. This makes the Crispy Paneer Papdi an  infamous cottage cheese starter at Anardana. Being one of our best sellers.This dish is an absolute delight to have before the main course. This creative starter is prepared by covering paneer fingers in spicy batter and to add some fun and crisp, it is coated and deep fried with sliced papar julians.


 Kandhari Kofta Dilruba – cottage cheese spheres cooked in rich gravy with pomegranate.

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If you want to be introduced to heaven, bid for “kandhari kofta” at your tables when you visit Anardana. “Kandhari” is a type of pomegranate, commonly described as the Fruit from heaven. The main ingredient of this dish has to be “Anar”. A blend of hot spices and fresh pomegranate juice, the taste enhancer comes together as the main gravy. Garnished with red juicy pomegranate seeds and refreshing coriander leaves this dish turns into a delectable magic on plate.


Anardana Signature Butter chicken-clay oven roasted boneless chicken in cashew and tomato gravy.

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Butter Chicken, invented “by chance” in the kitchens of Chandini Chowk, Delhi by the chefs when they mixed the leftover chicken in a tomato gravy, rich in butter and cream. Who knew this dish made “by chance” will become an absolute emotion for many. The boneless chicken cooked in a thick gravy made with khoya, intensifying the creaminess of it makes Anardana Signature Butter chicken stand out.


   Pahari Mutton Kadhai– slow cooked mutton flavoured with fennel seeds, onion and tomatoes.



Slow cooked mutton flavoured with fennel seeds, onion and tomatoes.Our earthy and traditionally prepared Pahari Mutton Kadhai leaves you in the nostalgia of mountains and spicy aromatic gravies. Cooked deeply in a very authentic style gravy of onion, Fennel seeds, ginger and tomatoes. How can you miss out the special Anardana’s Secret masala that adds a homely flavor to most of our dishes and excites the taste buds.


  Anardana Lucknowi Biryani (Veg/ chicken/ mutton)– Flavourful basmati rice cooked with aromatic spices.



Anardana Lucknowi Biryani… epitome of happiness for many!! This piece of art is an authentic lucknowi style basmati rice cooked in aromatic spices. To add the gracious touch of anardana it is garnished and topped with an egg pose, which makes the dish even more mouth-watering and too perfect to eat!

These are just some of the best dishes of Anardana. To know more, go check out the menu  or Call us at 9873613111 to book your table or order online !!



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