DJ Nights: Unleash the Partyholic in you!

Anardana is a place that takes you on a musical ride every night with a different vibe. 
So what do you say? We believe in the Indian dramatic emotions, so we have a night for each mood of yours. Name it and you get it in the same week night . Call it retro, Bollywood, unplug, Sufi or what not. 



The magic of acoustic is that it soothes your mind and suits your soul. Anardana’s Unplugged Wednesdays night are a way of letting your loved ones know how life will be “Agar Tum Sath Ho” and  trying to figure out “kho gaye hum kaha?”

A good unplugged night is that which gives you goosebumps, makes you cry in public, when you start missing your ex or your loved one. So take out some time to meet your soul at Anardana. Bring along the one to share this vibe with.

Best thing is that you can enjoy this music along with eclectic drinks and delectable food on your tables.


Hip Hop night

Yumm food, chilled beer and the music that is enough to knock you off  your feet all week! What better can be the way to enjoy life!!

If you love to groove on the peepy beats, then what are you waiting for!! Show off your moves at the music and feel free to ask “DJ wale Babu” to play your song. Thursday nights at Anardana are the most enjoyable as you get to meet new people with similar taste in music.

The night is yours, the dance floor is all yours, move your jazz on crazy crazy hip hop remixes.


Sufi Night

This place is known for its music. From making you dance all night to getting you lost in the soothing sufi music, we do it all pretty well. Ambience makes or breaks a good Sufi session, and Anardana has checked all the points on that list. Let the peaceful vibes, Good vibes and healthy conversations commence while you sip on some cocktails with your favourite songs being sung live here.


Bollywood nights

Don’t be guilty if you like tikka and Mika jamming together on crazy bolly music. We’re here to save your heart and make you dance like Chikni chameli for her dilbar. So save up your Thumkas and come together for some Gallan Goodiyaan With your friends and family or that lone squad member who grooves to Bollywood numbers like nobody’s business.


Retro Nights

Our retro nights will glue you to the dance floor, as you tap your feet on the old Hindi and english retro music. Retro is the new trend, so why should you miss out on it!!

Enjoy the best of evergreen tracks as you sip on exotic drinks and  refreshing cocktails or chilled beer and dig into delicious starters with your loved ones.

In the end, you’re destined to take one thing from Anardana that will help you live a healthy happy body, soul and mind!!

In the world of party poopers be the crazy partyholic

In the world of coca-cola be someone’s LIT

Be in the Magic, Be the Magic and Spread the magic.

This is life!!

To know more, go check out the menu  or Call us at 9873613111 to book your table or order online !!

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