Support and Order Directly from local restaurants!


There is a huge dip in the restaurant industry due to the guideline of closing the Dine-in at restaurants. Restaurants like Anardana who love to treat people with amazing food and vibe, are now facing an economic crisis. 

There are countless restaurants which are closed before opening. People can sit at home and complain about their jobs but restaurant workers feel hopeless when they see all the tables empty and no orders on the list. 

You may feel that ultimately people are ordering from our restaurant so where’s the issue? 

  • The issue is that you are ordering via online delivery apps, due to which the control of their business goes in their hands. 
  • They decide which restaurant should be at the list and any remain untouched. 
  • They decide the offers, discounts and commissions and our pockets remain empty. 

We assure that every worker puts equal or more effort into making your food. We prepare it for you with immense love and care. Hygienically, carefully following all the safety standards as guided by WHO. But still earnings are not up to our expectations. It is anticipated that the restaurant industry may not survive like this. 

We only ask you to support your local restaurants. You can directly go to our website and order food from there or even find us on Instagram. All you have to do is order your favourite meal from us. Our waiters willingly will bring your food to your doorstep straight from the safety of our kitchen in sanitized packaging. This way you can even contribute in saving their jobs. 

The advantages are not just ours but yours too. Let me list them down: 

  • The food is cheaper. 

Now as we do not have to pay any commissions to the middle men we can provide the food at lower price to you. 

  • You don’t have to download another app. 
  • The food that comes to you is safe as there is no third party engagement with the food, who we don’t know where they are coming from. 
  • You get a 30-40% discount on your meals. 
  • Delivery is absolutely free. 
  • You do not come in contact with an infected delivery boy as we ensure all our workers are safe and hygienic themselves. 

So if you like the #AnardanaExperience so don’t hesitate, just order directly from our website anardana.in and be a part of this initiative. If we put in so many efforts in ensuring your safety while satiating your hunger with a safe and free delivery, the credits should be ours too. No? 


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