Anardana is a contemporary indian restaurant and bar owned by ANARDANA HOSPITALITY PRIVATE LIMITED, a delicate balance between modern and classic indian cuisine. Working with indigenous ingredients, heritage recipes and traditional techniques. Anardana is a unique dining experience, accompanied by an indian craft cocktail bar. The décor is modern but uses heritage elements like clay pottery, cane and teak wood sourced from artisans in indian villages.


Why Anardana

Anardana is first of its kind Indian casual dining brand, where age-old recipes are tweaked into modern Indian tapas and sharing plates that pair perfectly with Indian inspired craft cocktails. Turning the humble chakna into sophisticated nibbles and converting the pervasive thali into hearty platters. Anardana's food reflects a community eating spirit. Our story is deeply rooted in traditions and culinary legacies, but our language is contemporary In the few years of our existence, We have created a community of customers that love our food. Our customers always say to us that even after eating at so many fancy restaurants they keep coming back to us as it transports them to either their favourite food street across India and or to one of their nostalgic meal experiences from their teens.

Comfort Food

Comfort Foods are basically foods that warm your soul, Even on a gloomy winter's day, One feels good after enjoying their comfort food.It is the food, that provides a nostalgic or sentimental value to someone. The nostalgia may be specific to an individual, or it may apply to a specific culture. They are so comforting because they provide psychological comfort and consolation, especially emotional comfort that's heightened by our senses of taste, touch and smell.Old Restaurant brands has made Indian food boring, popular european food is too cliche across India but Indian patrons loves our own Indian food so Anardana presents original recipes, new age presentation and revolutionize experience with an all new groovy,vibe.  .

Excellent Vibe & Music

Modern Design with Contemporary hints of India, very colourful & welcoming. Tapping | New-Age | Bollywood | Sufi Music which beats up at night. Non-lounge music format but tapping & groovy in nature. Anardana Crew, Extremely welcoming, relatable, remember your name, remember which dish you like, always smiling, flirty etc.  .