The Best Multi-Cuisine Dining experience in your city

Blending the Centuries-old recipes with a modern interior experience, recreating an ambiance to fall back on old memories and fly you to a sumptuous journey called “Anardana” – Ache Dino Ki Yaad”

A Taste of Nostalgia!

Coming to Anardana is like taking a trip back in time. It’s all about those nostalgic memories and experiences that we as Indians have come to associate with eating out socially. Add to this an amazingly modern ambiance, ingeniously crafted mocktails and cocktails, and music that will send you beyond tranquility of time, and you find yourself very much in food heaven with the best of your kin.

 Our Chefs are called both artist and doctors of food
 Our Chefs will personally meet and greet you.
 Our table & kitchens are better sanitized than OTs.

We love to see those smiles on your faces!!

Our guests are like god to us. Your wishes are commands for us. We look forward to offer you an exhillarating dining experience that is best or nothing. We love to read the feedbacks and improve on our shortcoming for your convenience. We are always happy to serve you!!

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Hello Folks

Welcome To Anardana : Modern Kitchen & Bar

Anardana Kitchen & Bar is a modern kitchen quality food family diner, located on the busy Street of Hargobind Enclave, Delhi. The delectable food of your dreams and entertaining musical aura adding to the aesthetic ambience makes every visit here worthwhile.
Welcome To Anardana : Modern Kitchen & Bar
A Warm, Charming Atmosphere

Our Aim

We aim to be the embodiment of a modern kitchen serving quality food that stimulates the senses like never before, designed for an eye of detail and has continued to cater most exhilarating experience that is now and forever the best or nothing.
Our Aim

Note from our Founder

Anardana is a spice used in Indian cooking to give a sour-sweet taste to dishes. It is made from the dried seeds of pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum). The seeds are dried along with the pulp, either by sun-drying or other means of dehydration. They are then ground or sold in the whole form.
Note from our Founder


No. You can reserve the table according to the number of guests you are expecting. They can come and join you later.
Yes. We offer special discounts for birthday celebrations.
To reserve a table call on +91 7303244952 or visit hello@anardana.in
If you wish to cancel your reservation please let us know by calling us on +91 7303244952.
We can accommodate a maximum of 35-40 guests for a party at Anardana.