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Black Rice Phirni: Manipuri Dessert

Manipur, a north-eastern Indian state, has a culinary tradition that is diverse, healthy and colourful. Manipuri Cuisine is marked by the abundant use of rice, fish and leafy green vegetables Recently, its ‘Chakhao’  or ‘Black Rice’ bagged Geographical Indication (GI) tag.  Black rice of Manipur is the principal dietary food of the locals in the […]
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5 Must-Try Cocktails When You Turn 21

5 Must-Try Cocktails When You Turn 21 It can be argued that some things in life are as indulgent as a great cocktail. Thousands of cocktails are being served across the city as establishments offer a range of concoctions, from classic to innovative, in an attempt to woo enthusiasts. Currently, we are experiencing a cocktail […]
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Recipe: Zayekedaar Mutton Galouti Kebab

Some people think that cooking is rocket science. I beg to differ. It is possible to simulate cooking in the comfort of your home, now. Galouti Kebab is the perfect dish for your evening tea or even as a part of your main meal.    This blog will show you how to make Goulati Kebab, one of the most popular dishes […]
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Support and Order Directly from local restaurants!

There is a huge dip in the restaurant industry due to the guideline of closing the Dine-in at restaurants. Restaurants like Anardana who love to treat people with amazing food and vibe, are now facing an economic crisis.  There are countless restaurants which are closed before opening. People can sit at home and complain about […]
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